Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin’ Fun All The Time!

Arnold and I simply want to spend weekends unwinding and relaxing. Since we are movie addicts, watching movies while eating a bag of freshly popped Kettle Korn is not a new scene when we we are together. 

Recently, we really enjoy watching series and movies about zombies. The thrill, suspense, and hype of zombies going after you are what actually hooked us up to these kinds of plots. We have always imagined the things we would do if this was to happen here in our country. Where we would hide and how we would actually survive. But what we didn't expect one Saturday evening was that we were really in for the biggest surprise of our lives.

One cozy Saturday evening, as usual, Arnold and I just wanted to cuddle up and eat our favorite cheese Kettle Korn while watching a cheesy chick flick on cable TV this time which seemingly resembled our love story. We were giggling and laughing at how the boy who bumped into a random girl in the MRT was hit by love at first sight when suddenly an emergency news flash popped up. It read, "Evacuate to the nearest provinces and safe places immediately. Metro Manila is now under a state of calamity as a seemingly zombie pandemic is now spreading rapidly. Stay safe and stay most importantly stay alive."

It was after the news flash when someone knocked on our door. We both shrieked and were very hesitant to open the door. As usual, Arnold being so bossy and acting like one, asked me to open it. (Oh, you’ll never win against him!) Suddenly, we heard a voice 'Sir, ito na po yung Kettle Korn na pina-deliver ninyo.' We suddenly realized that we actually called for popcorn to be delivered since we ran out of it. I immediately opened the door got our most precious popcorn, handed over the money, and locked the door immediately.

A few minutes has elapsed when we got another knock on the door. It was soft and scratchy this time. Arnold this time approached the door and asked, 'Sino yan?' but didn't get an answer. I added, 'Ah baka yung delivery boy. Nakalimutan niya ibigay yung resibo'. With that Arnold opened the door and screamed at the sight of the delivery boy who was 5 minutes ago human and all smiling now a drooling zombie.

Our imaginations now are coming true and we are not even prepared. Arnold was throwing popcorn bits at the zombie delivery boy at the hopes of it being able to do something. To our amazement, every time a popcorn hits the zombie, it in a way scares the zombie off. Thanks to the poppin' fun and powers that Kettle Korn brings!

*This is an entry to the exclusive movie screening of Fast & Furious 6

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