Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Everything About Barbie!

ALL THINGS BARBIE. The pink sparkling doors of Barbie's Dream House are now open at the 4th level of the Shangri-La Plaza Main Wing. This is where it all happens - little girls can shop, play, get dolled up at the beauty salon, and get their pictures taken in the photo studio.

Have an access to Barbie's amazing world, including her outrageous endless closet at the Barbie Store. Follow Barbie Store Philippines on Facebook and Twitter for more fabulous and fantastic surprises!

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  1. ( INTERESTING ) Because back in The United States over in New York City , there was once a Toys R Us Toy Store in the heart of Times Square Manhattan Island part of the city & it used to have The Barbie Store inside this building which look like the one in those pictures because I was there a long time ago before the Toys R Us building closed a couple of years ago because I still have rare video of the store's interior & I remember a young woman dressed up as a life sized Barbie working there , But I really do like The Barbie Store in the Phillipines promotional video featuring the children singing & dancing & all but it's been fun .