Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Foodscapade: Empanada Nation Sgt. Esguerra

Lately, we've rarely ate pork in any of our meals. For some reason, it has always been one of our guilty pleasures as it is scrumptious yet sinful. When we have pork, we make sure it's lechon, crispy pata, or our all time favorite, bagnet.

Ilocos Bagnet Meal
Served with rice, red egg, and KBL
KBL - Kamatis Bagoong Lasona

A found this new place to eat which is called Empanada Nation just a few blocks away from the ABS-CBN compound. At first I thought that by the mere name of the store, they only sell empanadas. But A assured me that there were meals as well such as Pinakbet, Igado, Crispy Bagis, and their Bagnet Meal which we ordered.

Special Ilocos Empanada

We can say that it was worth its price but what we really loved was their Special Ilocos Empanada which was really filling and uber delicious!


8 thumbs up (hands including our feet) for Empanada Nation from both of us! As we are blogging this entry, we're actually craving for some more authentic Ilocano food. YUM! L

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