Sunday, February 10, 2013

Foodscapade: Hainanese Delights SM North Edsa

Being adventurous people, we really make it a point to try something new every time. Whether it’s about the new fashion craze or the latest food buzz, we always make sure to give it a try. Looking for new finds, we found Hainanese Delights just last week at the east wing of SM North EDSA’s main mall, a restaurant which offers that exotic Singaporean cuisine for Filipinos to taste. They have a widely varied menu which includes rice, noodles, and other side dishes.

Lunch time really make our tummies churn so we were quite excited to try this new food that is still foreign to our palate. Since we are chicken lovers and we've grown wings as the years went by, we decided to order three of their chicken dishes (Hainanese Delights, Hainan Fried Chicken, and Hot Chick) so we could get to taste each and see what we like best.

Given that it is a semi-fast food and semi-restaurant type, we thought that our food will be served in no time since we were already extremely hungry from the shopping that we did earlier. However, we waited nearly 25 minutes for our food to be served and to our disappointment; their supposed to be fried chicken was cold and their Hot Chick (chicken barbecue) still had raw parts. Imagine, we waited for 25 minutes for our food thinking and hoping that our order is being freshly cooked and in the right manner but what we got in return for waiting was cold fried chicken meat and raw chicken barbecue.

We are really disappointed that we didn't get our money's worth and our tummies weren't satisfied due to the mishaps. It's really one of the times where we could say that it was a good try but it's a place that we won't come back to again for another experience with Singaporean cuisine. MBA

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