Friday, December 21, 2012

Bog Standard Gifts To Give This Christmas Season

"Christmas is the most awaited celebration for Filipinos each year" is a statement surely everyone would agree. Remembered as a season of giving and sharing, people selflessly allocate even a small portion of their bonus just to keep the Christmas spirit alive. And as the 25th of December comes closer and closer, people tend to flock malls near them to do a last minute shopping for their friends and loved ones.

Though we are taught to be appreciative of gifts that are given to us from the heart, there are just those that we are already tired of receiving each and every single year. Things that though practical and really useful, a stash would seemingly appear to be a little bit too much to keep in our cabinets already.

This being said, we decided to do a round up of some commonly thought of gifts that would hopefully make you think more creatively in terms of ideas and inspirations as to what to get your friends, family, and loved ones when you shop for gifts this Christmas season.

Bog standard gifts for Christmas

  1. Towels - The most common item for gift giving at events such as weddings, baby showers, and Christmas are towels. They can be inexpensive gifts but it is important to be creative in the decision making.
  2. Picture frames - These are something that will probably gather dust if it doesn't match your living room, right? We are sure you could think of something better to give.
  3. Ceramic mugs - How many mugs did you receive last Christmas? Are they enough to make your own mug store? Tee hee! Think twice before buying someone a mug. 
  4. Planners Getting many planners during Christmas, what should you do? Oh, put your different schedule types on each! Your personal schedule on one, business appointments on the other, and other events on another. Genius, eh?
  5. Scented candles - Candles with heart-warming scents make the perfect presents that they made it to our list of the most common gifts during this holiday season.
In gift-giving it is not the price tag that matters. Discern if your gift will be something useful for your friends and relatives. The key here is to find out what they love and find the corresponding gift to match their hobbies and interests. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

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