Monday, April 15, 2013

Foodscapade: BonChon Chicken UP Technohub

We had a quick food trip at BonChon Chicken UP Technohub last March 27 (Holy Wednesday). Curiosity struck us as we were having a hard time picking where to dine that night given that we should eat no pork! Since we have certainly heard the buzz and the hype that this Korean fast-food brought to the Philippines already about a year ago with their glazed chicken, we are still yet to taste it for ourselves.

We decided to order 3 pieces of their BonChon Soy Garlic Chicken and a siding of Onion Rings. While L loved the tenderness and crispness of their chicken, he found the soy garlic glaze to be a bit bland. The glaze was too sparse to be even tasted by his palate. A, on the other hand, found their chicken to be satisfactory even adding that nothing is special about it.

Overall, we would grade their chicken to be satisfactory. Their soy garlic glaze lacks a bit of that 'kick' which would make their chicken stand out. To be quite honest, their competitors’ (Chicken Charlie and Manang’s) glazed chickens are more flavorful. MBA

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