Monday, February 25, 2013

PLDT myDSL’s best commercial for us is…

Getting busted is an awful but normal event in any maturing boy's life as he tries to explore and see the world not only with his two eyes but also with his heart. Though it might seem that they can already manage things on their own at this stage in their lives, proper guidance and assistance is a much more detrimental component in their choice of which path to take. What's observable though in Filipino families today is the fact that as the pace of life becomes faster and faster, parents also become busier and busier making them less aware of what their own children are going through.

For us at MyBebeAdventures, that PLDT commercial about Derek being busted by Anna is a perfect way of breaking that stereotype of Filipino families mentioned above as it showcased parents who actually care and still make an effort to find out what's happening with their son's life. Even though they seem to be busy doing their own stuff as they were captured in different rooms inside their house, they still found a portion of their time to check out Derek's video and Anna's reply through the help of PLDT's myDSL. This specific installment of Derek's story shows that though life becomes faster and faster making his parents busier and busier, families catch up with one another or are bridged through the help of technological innovations such as PLDT's myDSL. With a fast and highspeed connection, PLDT myDSL assures that you will never miss a moment again in your loved one's life.

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Problems, whether big or small, are considered to be normally occurring in our lives. Facing these so-called trials may not always be a walk in the park as they would say but something we see as necessary for our learning, growth, and maturation as human beings. What's important for us though is the role of our family as they pour all their undying love and insurmountable support as we try to triumph over these challenges.

—Arnold and Laurence

*This is an entry to the exclusive movie screening of Jack The Giant Slayer

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